Board of Directors

Or Shalom is a registered charitable organization.

The board meeting schedule is listed in the Or Shalom event calendar.

You can learn more about the Board, send comments, ideas, and feedback to the board at any time with the email
board (at)

Annual General Meeting

The Or Shalom AGM is usually held in the fall after High Holidays.  You can see the recording of the 2023 AGM here. 

Agenda for the 2023 agm are here

Donor Recognition Policy

In May 2023 the board adopted a donor recognition policy in preparation for sizable financial donations towards the new renovations project. It was important to draft a policy that recognized the wide range of ways in which people contribute to Or Shalom, so there is latitude to recognize donors of time, skill, love, attention, and financial.


There are numerous committees within the governance structure of Or Shalom, and joining any of them can be an excellent way to introduce yourself to the community and make a contribution of time and energy.

Ideas, questions, and suggestions? Contact us via email at board (at)