Adult Learning

Or Shalom prides itself in being a community of learners, of valuing “holy chutzpah” in challenging the status quo, and constantly searching for deeper spiritual truths in both traditional and modern stories. Explore opportunities for Jewish learning below:

Exploring Judaism

Exploring Judaism is Or Shalom’s umbrella of adult classes for those on the path to discovering Judaism and for those wishing to deepen basic understandings of Jewish holidays, Shabbat, modes of prayer, ritual and more. Registration required.

Zusia: The Bet Midrash

For those with a base of Jewish knowledge, Zusia is a serious but playful study for all learners who are interested in examining the multi-faceted nature of Torah and Jewish culture. Registration required.

More Talmud

Come join Rabbi Susan Shamash and other serious, eager learners as we grapple with the text, join the Jewish communal conversation, and bring our voices to the renewal of Judaism! No registration required.

Parshat HaShavua Torah Study

Join us Friday mornings at 9:00 am at the bayit for text-based Torah study as we start learning at the beginning, with Parshat Bereshit on Friday, October 13, and finish at the end, with Ha’azinu and Vezot HaBerakha on Friday, October 4, 2024. No registration required.

Heart-centred Torah Study for Women & Non-binary Members

This closed group reads the weekly (Torah) parsha together, a gleaning from scholars and/or our own impressions is presented by 1-2 participants, then each responds from the heart to what is speaking to us from the Torah portion and writes freely for 15-20 minutes. This is followed by each classmate sharing their rough, heart-centred writing. And a short reflection at the end. 2 spaces currently available. Contact programs@orshalom if interested.